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Law Office of Cassels & McCall

You have reached the former Law Office of Cassels & McCall.
The attorneys, John D. Cassels, Jr. and Laura Ann McCall, are retiring.
As such, the firm is no longer accepting new work.

We are pleased to announce that our office was purchased by the partnership of Fee & Fee of Fort Pierce. Practicing under Fee, Yates & Fee, PLLC, the firm has a history dating back to 1905, with a practice that focuses on real estate transactions and closings, probate, litigation, estate planning, and criminal defense. Should you have legal needs in one of those practice areas and wish to consult with Fee, Yates & Fee, you may reach them at our former office location and phone number:

If you are a former client, please be reminded that copies of all relevant documents were provided to you at the time services were rendered; however, if you need copies of documents from our closed files, you should mail or email us as provided on the “Contact Us” tab at the top or bottom of this page.

As you may recall, we maintain our files electronically and should be able to retrieve your information for future discussion; however, all files are subject to eventual secure destruction without further notice. Files which concluded more than 15 years ago have likely been securely destroyed. If needed, there will be a charge for review of closed files and retrieval of documents.